Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mike the Nurse: 1st and (probably) Only Date

So I went on a date with Mike, a nurse on Friday night and it sort of went well.

Sort of in the sense that he got sick near an hour and a halfway through, so I walked him back to his car and asked him to text me when he got home, just to make sure he was safe which he was kind enough to do.

It was a nice date and we ended it on a kiss too. I'll admit, I feel like I clicked with him but I get the sense that he didn't click with me.

And that's okay.

My point with this experience is that sometimes, when you go on a first date with someone one person feels like they click with you, but they may not feel the same. It sucks and it happens, but you can't force the other person to like you/not like you.

So I sent him a text asking how he was feeling. I haven't heard from him since but you know what, that's okay too. There can be many factors as to why he may not have responded. It's also possible that he didn't feel any chemistry with me and that's okay too. It hurts a little but that's life.

Although, it would be nice if he said "hey, last night was nice, but I didn't click with you." That would be what I prefer, but sometimes people feel awkward doing this too, so they end up disappearing.

All in all, it was a nice date and some dating experiences are nice and its good to sometimes have first dates that are nice and may not go any further than that. It sucks, but that's okay too because people want different things and they have the right to not want to go out with you, just as you have the right to not want to go out with someone.

It ends up being a nice story to tell and little by little, you figure out what you want in a significant other.

Always remember that people change their minds and may not want to pursue anything further with you. It hurts and it sucks, but it is their right as much as it is yours.

You learn from it an move on. Dating isn't easy but it's all about getting to know different kinds of people.

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